Cotton, rayon, linen, and silk... embroidered, motif, and themed... Hawaiian Shirts come in a variety of materials and styles.

Hawaiian Shirts are made by small clothing companies and major fashion brands alike. Many Hawaiian shirt manufacturers also make a whole line of resort-style clothing including t-shirts, polos, shorts, pants, hats, shoes, sandals, and more.

Some of the more popular Hawaiian Shirt brands include:

Bamboo Cay ® Hawaiian Shirts

Bamboo Cay has been making Hawaiian shirts since 1998. They are an off-shoot of Aranco, Inc in Los Angeles, CA. Bamboo Cay specializes in Men's Embroidered Hawaiian Shirts. They also make polos, shorts, and Women's shirts and blouses.

Go Barefoot ® Hawaiian Shirts

Go Barefoot has been making Hawaiian shirts since the 1940s. They are a division of Mr. Hawaii, Inc. They manufacture Embroidered Hawaiian Shirts, Classic Hawaiian Shirts, Vintage Hawaiian Shirts, Reverse Hawaiian Shirts, and more. They also have a line of men's shorts and women's shirts.

Kahala ® Hawaiian Shirts

Kahala has been making Hawaiian shirts since 1936 and are Hawaii's oldest operating clothing company. Kahala is also the first Hawaiian shirt maker to use their own manufactured fabrics versus the Japanese fabrics that Aloha shirts were originally made of. In addition to a wide line of Hawaiian Shirts, Kahala makes men's t-shirts, shorts, and swimsuits as well as kid's clothing and Hawaiian shirts for women.

Paradise Found ® Hawaiian Shirts

If you've watch Magnum P.I., NCIS, or Cougar Town, you've seen a Paradise Found Hawaiian Shirt. Paradise Found makes Hawaiian shirts for both men and women. They also make women's dresses.

Reyn Spooner ® Hawaiian Shirts

Reyn Spooner has been making Hawaiian shirts since 1956. They were founded on the idea of making more stylish, form-fitting Hawaiian shirts. In addition to their Hawaiian Shirts, Reyn Spooner makes shirts, shorts, tees, swimsuits, and performance wear.

Tommy Bahama ® Hawaiian Shirts

Tommy Bahama is a Seattle-based clothing company founded in 1993. They are known for their upscale, casual clothing lines for both men and women. Tommy Bahama makes Hawaiian shirts as well as shirts, polos, t-shirts, outerwear, pants, sorts, and more. They also make women's tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, and pants.

Tori Richard ® Hawaiian Shirts

Tori Richard has been making Hawaiian shirts since 1956. Based in Honolulu, Hawaii they were initially only a women's clothing designer. Today, in addition to men's Hawaiian shirts they have a wide line of resort wear for men, women, and children. Tori Richard's Hawaiian Shirts have been featured in Hollywood films and tv shows - notably "Hawaii 5-0."

Two Palms ® Hawaiian Shirts

Two Palms has been making Hawaiian Shirts since 1989. Two Palms specializes in men's Hawaiian shirts as well as a number of Women's island clothing options. Two Palms makes Rayon Hawaiian Shirts, Cotton Hawaiian Shirts, Vintage Hawaiian Shirts, and Reverse Print Hawaiian Shirts.

Weekender ® Hawaiian Shirts

Weekender is a Florida-based Hawaiian shirt manufacturer. They've been making clothes since 1938 and have a whole line of men's casual resort wear in addition to their Hawaiian Shirts. Weekender makes shirts, t-shirts, polos, jackets, hats, swimsuits, and more.